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a discussion community dedicated to comic books~
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❝ comic chat❞
a comic book discussion community

1.POSTING: Topics must be related comic books. This means topics/news about comic book movies/animated features and merchandise are allowed. Questions involving characters, stories, opinions, and even friending memes are allowed! There really isn't any limit unless it absolutely does not have anything to do with comics!

2.DRAMA: Do not bring drama/wank into the community. 3 strike warning and a ban will be instituted. If you don't like someone, please go see the definition for the word "tolerate".

3.RESPECT: Not everyone will agree with what someone may post/comment on. Please be respectful of others and considerate to their feelings as well. There will be no shipping, company, or flame wars allowed to go on in debates/discussions. There is ALWAYS a respectful way to disagree.

4.SPOILERS: If your post contains a spoiler (be it text form or image), PLEASE put it behind a cut with a warning.

5.EXPERIENCE: You don't HAVE to be an experienced comic fan to join! If you wanna learn more, ask for suggestions, make friends -- feel free to join as well! Comic Chat is driving by the mentality to help fellow fans/aspiring fans.

6.LEGALITY: There will be NO comic sharing or media sharing that breaks Livejournals T.O.S. That means do not post links, communities, or other ways to download comics.

7.GOAL: Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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