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Hi, I'd like to know if it's allowed to sell off comics over here? My book shelf is heavy and I need the space and money, so can anyone help me by buying some stuff?

If it's allowed, then I'll make a post with more information on what I have available to sell. It wasn't that easy a decision, but I feel it's for the best.

15 October 2011 @ 12:48 am
The Fastest Man Alive has been a very important figure in the DC Universe for a long time, no matter whom it was. For many readers, Barry Allen is their favorite Flash, and since his return in 2008 and the “Rebirth” series in 2009, interest in the whole Flash family has once again been high. In the rebooted “The Flash” #1, we see Barry is back, working once again at the Central City Police Department as always, but not everything is the same in his life. I’m not sure this is a good thing.</p>

Writer Francis Manapul is getting back to basics with the central story, as we see Barry trying to balance all the varied aspects of his life. As usual, his work in the crime lab and his duties as The Flash are intertwined, and that is one of the positive things about this character. This part is fine, and we see Barry use the scientific and detective skills for which he has become known. He’s no Batman, but his style has always been a good fit for the character.

My problem is more with his supporting cast. Iris West is there, but certainly not as his wife, and it would seem that they barely know each other. Patty Spivot has the potential to be a good character to be involved with Barry, but readers may not give her a chance. Many things changed with the reboot, but I think this is one of those changes that may be too much. Barry and Iris had been through so much, why take it all away?

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07 October 2011 @ 08:37 pm
All of the members of the Knights of Good are central to “The Guild” and all have their own personality and spirit. In the latest character spotlight comic from Dark Horse Comics, it is Clara’s turn to shine in “The Guild: Clara.” We get a chance to learn more about her life outside the game, and about her past in this wonderfully written story.</p>

Unlike the other characters, fans already have a good concept of Clara’s life. Not only have we seen her family, her husband George briefly joined the Knights of Good in season 3 as “Mr. Wiggly.” The tension between Clara and her husband has been one of the main sub-plots throughout all of the seasons. So, I was not sure what story writers Felicia Day and Kim Evey would tell for Clara in the comic. I was afraid it would just be more of the same that we already see in the show, and not be as original as the other spotlight stories. Happily, I was both right and wrong.

The story starts out much like one might expect, with Clara playing the game and her husband trying to get her to do housework. When she resists, he retaliates by removing the modem and taking it, Clara’s purse, and the car with him as he leaves for a few hours. This leaves Clara home, but not alone, as she has to deal with her three kids. As she starts to look at the bedroom she was supposed to be cleaning, she finds mementos of her past, and this takes her on a walk down memory lane.

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05 October 2011 @ 03:08 pm
Batman is one of my favorite characters, and I have always enjoyed the different facets of the character. He has a rich and full life, both as Batman and as Bruce Wayne, and he has a wonderful supporting cast and family with which to interact. However, there is always one thing I have wondered … why are there so many comics starring Batman? With the New 52, this would have been a wonderful time to thin out the Batman titles a bit, but instead things seem more bloated than ever. I have to wonder if the two most recent titles, “Batman” and “Batman: The Dark Knight” are really needed.</p>

Both first issues are nice stories. Both have a good mystery started, and are interesting reads. Both are compelling enough to make me keep reading the rest of the story arcs. Yet I have to wonder if it just too much market saturation. How many titles starring Batman will people actually read, and more important to the readers, how many will we enjoy?

“Batman and Robin” is a title that is needed, as it highlights stories with the two heroes together. I did not like the first issue of this new run, but one can hope that the title will find its footing. In the three remaining, “Batman,” “Batman: The Dark Knight,” and “Detective Comics,” I am simply not seeing enough differences to justify all of the titles.

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Recently, the first issue of the new “Star Trek” comic debuted from IDW. I had been looking forward to this new series for quite some time, especially with it being set in the 2009 movie timeline. I was hoping to see some great new stories, and see these characters come together in new and exciting ways. However, I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this series and the apparent direction they have decided to go.</p>

The first two issues are based on the classic series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and the next two issues will take on “The Galileo Seven.” In an interview with TrekMovie.com, writer Mike Johnson indicated that future issues would also be based on series episodes, but that “…events will deviate more and more from the TOS versions as the new timeline evolves.” He also says that the stories in the comic series will foreshadow events we will be seeing in the next movie.

Johnson wrote a very nice treatment of this story, as least for this first issue. It stays true to the original script in most ways, while also giving us the altered character interaction necessary for this timeline. Additionally, we are starting to see deviations, such as Dr. Dehner not being part of the crew. It will be interesting to see next issue if that change has any major effect on the ending.

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07 September 2011 @ 10:16 pm
Should this be our discussion post? :D
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article source from here

The target audience are men age 18 to 34 though they do realize that they have readers in other demographics.

You won’t be seeing Donna Troy yet in the new DCU, nor the Stephanie and Cassandra Batgirls. They haven’t been killed off though, just benched.

Now I don't know about you, but this isn't really making me feel very comfortable giving ANY of my money to DC, even for the titles I was looking forward to.

Actually *REALLY ANGRY* that women are being erased.
10 June 2011 @ 02:53 pm
So Harley Quinn is the latest to get one helluva make-over in this DC reboot.

see it under hereCollapse )

08 June 2011 @ 01:43 pm
What we really need is to discuss some of the costume/art changes that are coming in September. I bring this gem.

This...is an abomination to me. I dont know what's worse...this or Rob Liefeld working on the upcoming Hawk & Dove series.

If anyone has any links to art they'd really like to share, good or bad, I guess toss it in this post so we can all be nerds and discuss :D
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07 June 2011 @ 12:47 am

Anyway...I was having no luck trying to shift through the Internet looking for an artist...so I figured I'd try here. I've set a new goal for myself which is to try and either self-publish a comic (I have so many ideas haha) or pitch an idea to Image Comics. Sad thing is my drawing is not up to standards of doing sequential work. Anyone on here want to try and collaborate together on a project? Or know someone who might be interested?

Please show me links of your sequential work if you have some :D Tomorrow I should have one of my ideas completely typed up so I can send it to those interested.
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